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Flexitank is an economcal method to ship non-hazardous liquid in Bulk. With the maximum capacity of filling 24,000L in a 20 footer container, it provides substantial saving when compared to traditional packaging suach as drums.

With our vast experience in Industrial Packaging Materials, BlackVel is able to meet most of the repacking request. Our repacking capabilities range from assembly of consumer products to repacking bulk shipment.

In case of severe damages to your industrial packaging during trans-shipment, BlackVel is able to offer a wide range of emergency rework services to minimize the potential casualty losses. We are experienced in handling Flexitank Leaking Cases, Damaged containers etc in Singapore Port and other parts of the countries. Apart from being an active team in Singapore, we are also well situated in different parts of the world to provide a complete service and support for our valuable clients.

Bulk Bag or Flexible intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) is an efficient way of packing powdered or granular materials in 1,000kg or 2,000kg packaging. We are able to customise any design, sizes, specifications to meet your special requirements.

Company Profile

Who are we?

Based in Singapore, BlackVel Solutions Pte Ltd is your reliable Industrial Packaging and Solutions Provider in Asia. With our extensive partnerships in Asia and Europe, we have established ourselves as preferred partners in providing the latest packaging solutions to our local and overseas clientele.

BlackVel’s business is divided into 3 core sectors: Dry Pack, Liquid Pack, Services. In this website, you can have an in-depth understanding on how we can assist your company in packing different types of products or providing solutions on your current packing issues.

Who are our Clients?

BlackVel serves a wide range of clients from Chemical, Oil and Gas to Food Industry.


With our globally integrated partnership with diverse packaging experts, we always respond to our client’s every changing request with innovative packaging solutions.

BlackVel is also committed to provide great level of customer service to our clients by going extra mile. Our dynamic and creative team is committed to respond to our client’s every changing request with innovative packaging solutions and zest for uncommon personal touch.


BlackVel’s logo is an Open Box which symbolizes the need to think out of the box and at the same time, challenge ourselves to the next level. The different colors in the box serve as a constant reminder to our Business Ethos:

  • Red - Passion
  • Green - Growth
  • Blue - Belief


In BlackVel, we are passionate in how new packaging inventions in the latest packaging industry can help our clients cope with rising cost or having a better packing ideas. We hope by introducing new solutions to our clients, we can help our client grow in their business which explains our second color: Green

GROWTH (Green)

We believe, by helping our client to grow their business, we will indirectly instill growth in ourselves.


With our sincere and friendly approach in serving each customer, we believe our clients will truly enjoy every transaction they have with us. We are confident to be our client’s long-term reliable packaging partner.